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Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate - S10. Shipping Weight: 8 ounces (View shipping rates and policies).

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Keisha: Konad nail items comes from Japan - area well identified for top quality nail performers and awesome and stylish nail art methods is a really fascinating idea. We must see if they allow the individual to make specific, expert looking designs with precision and convenience, right in the relaxation of their own home or facilities. This web article is going to complete you in on the essential concepts of every one of these resources so that you will be able to begin to use them in your own work. We are glad we ordered this Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate - S10. I bought this Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate - S10 on line based on very good reviews without ever having seen it. They help you make expert looking designs that would not otherwise be able to be done with common nail improve and a sweep and other things. The main idea is I got fortunate and found a regional shop that specifically markets Konad items. Just remember many love nail art pencils because they are inexpensive, refillable, and very easy to use.

Keisha: In good websites you will find that konad and Salon Show are the most well-known manufacturers of nail art rubber stamping sets these days and while getting nail art done at your regional professional hair beauty parlors has its benefits, like the sensation of being spoiled, it can also come with a significant price tag with regards to the type of nail art you’re having done. I like to inform you that the Konad rubber stamping nail art kit has been on my wish list for quite some time now. Many people said after surfing around through their web shop, I’ve been seeking where I could the kit in the area. In other terms, your job is to help others sustain and improve healthy and balanced, wonderful claws. We can say that even nail art newbies can make exclusive nail art designs using nail art rubber stamping sets like Konad and Salon Show, and get going money over costly salon visits. Actually if you like to deal with claws and generate wonderful and eye-catching nail art, you may be enthusiastic about a profession as a nail specialist. These are known as Claw Art Stickers, Konad Claw Art and Clay Claw Art but not usually. A good idea is there are three nail art methods that have really come into their own in the last year or so.

Aisha: At when, Konad nail products are easily available across the world and so are easily becoming nail performers best choice for fast, specific nail art designs. Beware of claw designs can be simple and lovely or sophisticated and awesome. Is not a secret that it is truly awesome how much art can be packed onto just one nail, especially your big toe. Claw specialists are dedicated to nail health care and nail art. I would recommend Amazon and this Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate - S10 to a friend.. We tell you that perhaps the biggest sensation about making the nail salon is the wonderful nail designs on your arms and legs. Be careful that claw art pencils are great resources for developing specific designs on your handy and toe nails with nail improve. They come in all different shades, and often can be bought in sets which consist of style guides to help ignite the creativity of different looking designs , this is the main idea.

Latonya: I absolutely love this Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate - S10. I gave this 4 stars of 5 based on the price of the Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plate - S10 compared to the quali”



Mapping Evolution in Wikipedia
Trent Gilliss, Online Editor

Broadcasting this week’s show on Charles Darwin reminded me of this history flow diagram of the changing face of the Wikipedia explanation of evolution over time. Nearly four years have passed since I read about it in Discover magazine.

What would the graph look like nowadays? I’ll hazard a wild guess that it’s as colorful as ever, with myriad black columns (indicating the entry being deleted by vandals). Boy I’d love to see a follow-up chart for this trajectory.

(History Flow diagram courtesy of Frank Van Ham, Fernanda Viegas, and Martin Wattenberg of the Visual Communication Lab, IBM Research)

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Happy Monday, all.

The internet was fun while it lasted. 



Fat Cats on Wall Street, the Tumblr.


Well, that’s it. The Internet’s over. Everyone shut down your computers and go home.

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167 - Like a Chump


Carlo kicked back in an easy chair, eating some of my frozen taquitos. For the first half-hour dude said shit; he was busy pounding taquitos. He had eased off his diet and exercise since the Denver Delts days; going on semester at sea had done it. On that boat, never wearing a shirt, he had gotten into some real shit with some dudes who partied legendarily. He had pictures on his phone of crazy nights on beaches. He said he almost died of alcohol poisoning like a chump a couple of times.

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John and Hank’s AMA responses compiled


thesoundandthefury is John’s account-both John and Hank posted using it. Sometimes they identify themselves in their answers, sometimes they do not.

I thought this would be a good idea so that people didn’t have to search through the whole thread for John & Hank’s answers. It’s a lot to read, but it’s worth it. There are some very interesting situations!

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In an ideal world women could be strong, kick-ass, and intelligent without being objectified or assumed to be acting masculine. And our other strengths – even the traditionally feminine ones like mothering, or cooking, or artistry – will be seen not as things that make us safe because as the weaker sex we should be limited to them, but as strengths in and of themselves that are all part of the matrix of who we are (the Doctor Who Christmas Special this year did a fantastic job portraying this btw). As a mother my identity should not be reduced to that role, but neither should it be something I should be ashamed of or use to prove I can succeed at everything. Women should be able to be strong without having out out-violence or out-revenge the men. Women should be able to be smart without having to either be the smartest in the room or search for ways to make her intelligence acceptable to men. Women should be able to feel pretty and accept their sexuality without being turned into be eye-candy or live in fear that they are causing men to stumble. Women (and men) should be valued as themselves regardless of whether or not they fit traditional masculine or feminine labels.




“It is a cellular peptide cake, with mint frosting.”

(Not really. But the hair is chocolate! Happy Birthday to me!)

Thanks to Jenn for helping with the decorating!

New fashions in cake decorating. The frosting colors here are surprisingly accurate! I also enjoy the pips on the collar.

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Dog days of winter.
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Artist Clinton Felker gave a small collection of Star Wars characters one of the best looking Samurai redesigns that I have seen.

The feudal force is amazingly strong with this one!

Feudal Japan Star Wars by Clinton Felker (CGPortfolio)

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